,, Quality means doing it right when no one is looking ''
/ Henry Ford /

Programming is my passion.

I've been doing it since 1981 and I sold my first software product in 1991. Anywhere I go I look for challenges and I create fresh solutions for problems that seem poorly (or not at all) solved. I rarely take "don't touch it" for an answer and I never abandon projects before time. I believe in practical solutions perfectly implemented; I often take the shortest route thru the jungle but I pave the road all along.

I believe in ergonomy.

Something useful means something that can actually be used, and feels good to use. I know why that 45% of your visitors bounce from your site and I can fix it. I know why editors don't like to work with the admin and I can give them something they'll love. I consider a project complete when users like to use it; making them enjoy walking around equals remembering your brand with a positive experience.

Quality tools are my best friend.

I have my own software production environment and I love to work with it. It's part of my philosophy. I never solve things twice; even if it means pausing a project for two days, I prefer creating a quality solution that can be reused later. All the utilities I have today were once needed and I took the time to solve the problem once and for all. I don't believe in fixing a few days ahead; I work for the future.

Fashion blogger

I have a secret addiction for female beauty. Can't deny it, however weird it may sound. And when it's about women, I'm a great fan of stylish clothing. After many years of personal shopping with my friends of friends of friends, I decided to give a go to Instagram, which turned out to be a long term engagement with many-many followers for my fashion page ( stylist.called.dk ), still growing every day.


Car is love, car is life. From the moment I roll out of the garage, every second is a piece of happiness to me. Crossing downtown to get a touch of Budapest's swarming nightlife, or just heading north to see some landscape and chill out, all the same as long as I have the perfect music for the mood. Driving is a form of meditation and I'm trying to be a good practitioner, constantly deepening my level of focus.


I've been diagnosed with major graphomania. Starting back in 1993 (handwriting, no affordable PCs that time), it's getting worse every year. Today I have some 5-6 thematic blogs half abandoned and 2 active, plus I write into several journals when they ask me to. I'm working on a book right now; I'm not very proud of my first one (about dating sites) so I decided to take another chance and try something creative this time.