,, Quality means doing it right when no one is looking ''
/ Henry Ford /

Programming is my passion.

I've been doing it since 1981 and I sold my first software product in 1991. Anywhere I go I look for challenges and I create fresh solutions for problems that seem poorly (or not at all) solved. I rarely take "don't touch it" for an answer and I never abandon projects before time. I believe in practical solutions perfectly implemented; I often take the shortest route thru the jungle but I pave the road all along.

I believe in ergonomy.

Something useful means something that can actually be used, and feels good to use. I know why that 45% of your visitors bounce from your site and I can fix it. I know why editors don't like to work with the admin and I can give them something they'll love. I consider a project complete when users like to use it; making them enjoy walking around equals remembering your brand with a positive experience.

Quality tools are my best friend.

I have my own software production environment and I love to work with it. It's part of my philosophy. I never solve things twice; even if it means pausing a project for two days, I prefer creating a quality solution that can be reused later. All the utilities I have today were once needed and I took the time to solve the problem once and for all. I don't believe in fixing a few days ahead; I work for the future.

Music composer

For a long time now, I've been composing music. I even created my own softwares for that, way before Cubase was a thing. Now I have the professional tools I only dreamed about in high school years. And recently, I found a label to publish my works.

Look for David Kronberg on YouTube, Spotify, or any similar place. My first single (Floating) arrived in May 2021. Lots more of chillout on the way so make sure you follow me!


Car is love, car is life. From the moment I roll out of the garage, every second is a piece of happiness to me. Crossing downtown to get a touch of Budapest's swarming nightlife, or just heading north to see some landscape and chill out, all the same as long as I have the perfect music for the mood. Driving is a form of meditation and I'm trying to be a good practitioner, constantly deepening my level of focus.


I've been diagnosed with major graphomania. Starting back in 1993 (handwriting, no affordable PCs that time), it's getting worse every year. Today I have some 5-6 thematic blogs half abandoned and 2 active, plus I write into several journals when they ask me to. I'm working on a book right now; I'm not very proud of my first one (about dating sites) so I decided to take another chance and try something creative this time.