2021, Denes Kellner
Windows apps in JS! Programming is fun, but to create Windows apps can be a burden. Not anymore, tho! This little framework lets you do the job in JS/HTML and gives you the power of a real Windows app, like file access, shell tools, audio control, etc. See the demo apps, they rock!
2022, Denes Kellner
Launch your stuff faster!   This handy little tool is no big magic, just a very fast lookup for your web links, app shortcuts, or any command line you frequently use. It's a lot faster than using Start Menu, and a lot cooler than typing cmd sequences over and over again. If you're a keep-it-simple guy, you'll love the list config.
2018, Denes Kellner
Never lose a good idea! Now you can just speak them and let VoiceNote remember each one. You can label and file them later - but no more worries about forgetting something on the run. You can integrate with mobile recorders, or just use hotkeys when working by your laptop. Super convenient, super useful.
2018, Denes Kellner
PHP or Python scripts to EXE. This is the successor of PHPFlexer; a lot better, supports several PHP versions up to 7.2 and Python 3.7 but you can also add new engines. Creating script based tools has never been easier! You can have many files and folders within your project, RapidEXE will just pack the whole thing up and recreate the environment when needed.

Third-party software

Jon Skinner
Unbeatable performance.   For many years it was more like a second-best option, but it grew into an amazing code editor, with a feature set never seen anywhere else. And it's blazing fast. It can also be supercharged with tons of plugins; config, however, is a weak spot, using bare JSON format and nothing else.
IDM Computer Solutions
One of the best.   UltraEdit's been here since 1994 with practically no alternatives; it's smart, flexible, it's a programmer's best friend. Sadly they don't seem to be able to rewrite the engine to reach the speed of their competitors and they're just getting worse. Anyway, thank you guys for 25+ awesome years together!
Total Commander
Christian Ghisler
Norton Commander, anyone?... Even better, Volkov? Whichever rings the bell, you can see how this concept has been with us from the very first days, gradually evolving on Linux too (as Midnight Commander), and it's still the most viable approach of handling things in a file system.
David Carpenter
All your files.   Always there, instantly. You start typing some letters and you get the hits, realtime. Amazing. The kind of tool that makes you wonder why it's not already integrated in Windows itself. So natural and handy that it actually hurts to live without it once you've worked with it.
PaintShop Pro 7
JASC Software
PhotoShop in a swiss knife.   Actually, if you can work with this one you'll never really need Adobe's heavyweight resource hog. This one is designed to help your work; it's fast, handy and knows a lot. (Version 7.04 is from 2001; in 2004, Corel bought them and turned PSP into a useless giant.)
Oleg Shparber (+ contributors)
Docs, instantly.   Documentations are not always easy to find. Zeal gives you hundreds of materials, with the whole PHP being just one. You can customize what to download and then it's available any time, no more googling around. Zeal is a super handy tool to pre-download all the knowledge you'll ever need.
Stefan Küng, Lübbe Onken and others
Version Control.   Today, git rules the world of version control but for a single developer, Subversion is still an excellent choice. With a tool like Tortoise (also available for git btw) it's a breeze to keep track of what happened. Also, check out RiouxSVN for a pretty good remote SVN host.
Author name unknown (team effort)
Git UI without bullshit.   Using git from command line is a nightmare. I know people who do and I'm happy for them but please, let me not. This interface, however, is the best I could find that does only what you ask and gives you control over the steps. If you've ever worked with git, you know how important this can be.
Free sketching.   A great surprise from Microsoft, it really is. Practical and fast, stuffed with great ideas and handy little solutions, this tool is the definition of ''well-thought''. Perfect as a screenshot tool as well. Love the whole thing, I simply can't believe the Windows guys did this.
Keys, reinvented.   It means control. It can attach actions (like keystrokes, macros, etc) to any key combinations, including exotic media control keys, or even the buttons of your mouse. Yes, that one on the side, too. You can even make dropdown menus to reach several actions. INSANE.
some guy I can't track down
The simplest thing when it's about tracking time. It does just that. Tracks your time. So many hours for this, so many hours for that. There's a very good desktop app for it to make it super easy to keep tracking, and there you go - just check which project stole all your time.
Joe Hruska
Another time tracker, but this one is not aiming for a per-project result. It tells you how you use your own time, I mean how many hours have you wasted for messaging with girls and hanging on Facebook. The single most fruitful form of trolling yourself, and it works like magic.