Remember everything - but keep the flow going!

You know that feeling. When you're in the middle of work, you're on the right track, you feel the energy - but suddenly your mind goes "hey, I have an idea!"... And you listen to it and lose the flow because ideas are precious gems. Yes they are - they just don't know how to behave, right?

VoiceNote remembers!

It helps you stay on target, stay focused, stay productive; but in the meantime, it takes the weight of remembering off your mind, keeping your idea carefully so that you can return to it later. You don't need to write; you don't need to open another application and write your thoughts there. All you need is a keypress to start recording, and another to stop. It could not possibly be any easier. Believe me.

Organize your thoughts like a mailbox!

You can label your recordings (later, when you have the time). Every idea is a small mp3 piece, neatly stashed in your "Unfiled" folder, which is practically an Inbox. You can create any number of folders, move the notes around - the natural drag/drop way - and you can search in them, either in just a specific folder or among all your notes. Hundreds of notes? No problem! Archiving them when you don't need them? Easy pie, they're just mp3 files. Export a list? Sure! You can open it with Excel, or a simple Notepad. You're in control - of your own thoughts!

And then comes the magic. You'll find yourself recording more and more ideas. Why? Because your mind gets used to the feeling. It just produces something valuable, and in a minute, it can move on! It's like getting an endless brain storage for Christmas. It's like having the power of your computer always at your mind's service. Your brain is going to discover the new extension and start using it. It's almost like neuroplasticity - just not on the inside. Feel free to outsource the heavy lifting!

Mobile? No problem!

It's a breeze to integrate any outside source (like the output of a mobile recorder application) into VoiceNote. Just give it a folder to import from, and it will gather all your notes into the database. Even the original filenames will be attached as title, to make the organizing easier. So just record wherever you are - on the road, at a meeting, in your bed, in anyone else's bed; no more lost ideas as long as you have a smartphone with you!

Did I mention that it's free?

That's right. Freeware. No cost. No hidden payments, no in-app purchases, nothing. I might end up developing something like a "pro version" later if there's a need, but right now it's just a download + install and you're all set. Enjoy the freedom of softwares, like in good old times!

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Happy VoiceNoting!

VoiceNote - Never lose a brilliant idea again | Product Hunt