Compile PHP scripts to EXE with no effort!
All you need is the right tool.

Create a Windows executable in no time

It's easy. You just create a console application in your favourite language, then compile it into a standalone Windows EXE in seconds! It's effortless, stable and compact. Your project can be easily managed by super- simple config files, all you really need is a plaintext editor and a command prompt.

Language? You name it!

Python to exe? No problem! PHP to exe? Sure, just choose a version!... Really, I had the same questions and I tried to answer them to everyone. RapidEXE, as a smarter successor of PHPFlexer, can deal with different languages and versions. The following engines come in the starter package:
  • PHP 5.4 for Win32 (XP compatible!)
  • PHP 7.2 for Win32
  • PHP 7.2 for Win64
  • Python 3.7 for Win32
You can choose a different engine for each project if you want, of course. (The default is PHP 7.2 for Win64) But wait - there's more!... You can use any other language as long as it has a portable running environment like php, and an interpreter exe that can start your program. If this is the case, just add the language under "engines" folder and set a couple of config values; voila, you extended RapidEXE with a new engine!

You don't need an installer

Your EXE will work right out of the box, like a self-extracting little engine. It creates a mini-environment for your program and keeps it available until your script quits; then it cleans up after itself. It all happens very fast; even the first time it takes less than 2 seconds to initialize. After that, it's practically zero.

Let me show you!

There are example programs. One for PHP and another for Python. You can check them out and see how it works in practice. Won't be a big surprise though; you'll instantly feel at home when looking at the sources. (If you do something wonderful, please don't forget to send it to me so I can add it to the example library!)